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About Overtime

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Established in 2016, Overtime is a multi-dimensional lifestyle brand, community and disruptivecontent company. Originally known for its iPhone highlights featuring some of the best and brightest athletes and creators, Overtime today boasts 50m+ followers across all of its channels and 1.5B video views per month.

We offer an array of premium products, ranging from adults and kids, hoodies to basketballs. Like many of the athletes and creators we cover with dreams of turning pro in their respective sports and building their personal brands, it’s a dream of ours to continue to build Overtime as a lifestyle brand that you love to wear. 

Our brand has also extended into its own professional basketball league called OTE, conceived September 2021. It offers world-class basketball development, education and it has a disruptive focus on athlete and economic empowerment. All of our products here and available around the world are built to empower the next generation of athletes.

Thank you for supporting us and being part of our family. Send us a DM of you rocking your Overtime fit at @overtimefits and we’ll put you on.


We produce over 40 series across YouTube, Snapchat and IGTV, as well as highly engaging shortform content on Instagram and TikTok.